Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 CSA

After the farmers took a brief vacation to Ecuador (where farming goes on year-round and we were able to help pull a few weeds to remind us of what it felt like), we are ready to begin signing up our members for this upcoming season. In truth, we've hardly taken a break this year as we are experimenting with growing in a winter greenhouse. Right now I can go out and harvest a fresh salad for my dinner--a treat to be sure. We've been selling our salad greens from the winter greenhouse locally and at a co-op in Eau Claire, WI.

Last year's farm members will have the first chance to sign up again until February 15th. After this time, we will take new members.

We look forward to our third season running the CSA. Our hope is that we now have the general infrastructure needed to run the operation with minimal new investments. Erin's parents will be on hand this summer to help, and we look forward to all the new season brings.